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How is Software Designed?
A small book-in-progress to help product managers, engineers, and business people who work with software designers understand what designers do, how they work, and how to work with them.
Why We Fail
A book about digital products that failed not because of business strategy or marketing or technology or product performance but because of the customers' experiences.
Interview about Why We Fail
August 2011, with Diane Loviglio, FailCon's Associate Producer
When to Redesign?
A September 2011 article in Fast Company asking if technology enables new experiences, should we redesign?
Keep Baby, Discard Water
An November 2011 article in Fast Company about reacting to customer experience failure
Future Practice seminars
Produced in collaboration with Rosenfeld Media
Concept Design Tools
September 2008, an article for Digital Web Magazine
Interview about Tangible Futures
November 2008, with Stuart Candy, researcher at the Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies
Getting Good Designs Built
A June 2007 presentation for the Interaction Design Association on the business issues surrounding product design
Werkzeuge (Tools)
Keynote presentation at the November 2007 German Information Architecture Konferenz, on making digital tools
Can We Run the Company?
A February 2005 presentation about how designers can become managers, to the Usability Professionals Association in New York
Integrating CSS with CMS
Part of my customer-centered approach to building CMS, for Digital Web magazine
Navigation Research
A survey of the literature, all synthesized into my own design method. Presented at the 2004 Information Architecture Summit
Complex Content Management
And management thereof, a February 2004 article for Boxes and Arrows
The Promise of CMS
From the March 2003 Information Architecture Leadership Seminar
A Semantic CMS
A 2002 article for Digital Web, about making a CMS scale to millions of pages
Designing for Web Services
A 2002 article for the now defunct New Architect magazine that predicted how we would be designing for data flowing to us over APIs
The Evolving Homepage
A 2002 article for Boxes and Arrows where I analyzed the rate of design updates across three competing websites
Music and Censorship
My 1992 thesis for the journalism program at Rutgers University. A condensed version was published at part of the book Music and Culture
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